Action for political prisoners (at mass street protest in Paris)

14th June 2016 /

Unions and revolutionary groups called out for a mass street protest on 14. June 2016 in France. Hundreds of thousands participated in the demonstration against new reforms to labor laws, capitalism and state oppression. In addition, many people from all over Europe went to Paris to show solidarity with the movement.
Reacting to the dynamic protest of the people the police governed by the left government attacked with tear gas, flash-bangs, baton charges and water cannons. Hundreds were injured, in one case a person nearly died because he was hit by a teargas shell.
With our Banner we wanted to draw attention to all the prisoners who couldn`t fight by our side that day. For Example in Greece there is currently a trial going on against 22 Anarchists. Nikos Maziotis another Anarchist and Member of the group Revolutionary Struggle was life sentenced because he participated on armed struggle. Since the protests in France started three months ago, nearly 500 people were arrested by now. There are thousands of revolutionaries all over the world who are jailed because they fought for a free society.
Whoever forgets the prisoners of social war has forgotten the war!